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We are gun make us sum small games for a while

Mobile Gaming App ​So we’ve decided to make a smaller game first, to learn the market, to become better at spreading the game and of course practicing coding and game[…]

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We strive to create an experiance for you through games.

We at TordFish really want to create amazing games with a big fundation in storytelling and our fantasy world, where you’ll meat the Ae’Ra. Join us, Cyan, Jade, Aisa and Za’rach on their adventures!

Our current project

Ae’ra Sunburn, a top down A-RPG

Ae’ra Sunburn is our current big project, it’s a top down A-RPG that fuses some of the gameplay from the games we love the most. We’re focusing on making a combat system that challenge you, and not watch you slice n’ dice through everything. 

The game will be based on the early adventures of the twins, Cyan and Jade, as well as Aisa and Za’rach. Find out how and why they came together, and how their destiny together unfolds.

Team AwesomeForce

Our Team

We’re as dedicated to this project as Swedes are dedicated to Kebab Pizza.

Zackarias Åkerman

Warchief of TordFish

”The time to do something is now.. Or well, after the pizza. What do you want?”

Johan Kinnunen

High Warlord of Storytelling

”I agree with the Pizza stuff, I don’t remember anything else of what you said”

Sebastian Rock

High Warlord of Strength

If I was in The Horde I’d be that odd Orc people shuned because I wanted us to live a healthier lifestyle.

Sebastian Åkerman

High Warlord of Mischief

”One day I’ll make sure Zackarias gets so pranked, he’ll cry baby tears”

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