We are gun make us sum small games for a while

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We are gun make us sum small games for a while

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​So we’ve decided to make a smaller game first, to learn the market, to become better at spreading the game and of course practicing coding and game making overall.

It’s going to be a cool ass Pirate Game, like, when you’re on the toilet and taking a dump,-game=p (or when you’re bored and don’t want to work cuz you hate your job)

We will make a few smaller games since we have three people learning programming to join the TordFish programming crew. We put the other game on hold, it’s still our masterpiece and our biggest goal, but we aren’t in a rush. We need more preparation and time to finish that game since we’re funding ourselves throughout the whole process. 

These smaller projects might help us get a way there, we’ve currently bought in a 3D printer and are in the making of creating a 3D printer hall. It’s on the other hand a whole another project we are running. Oh and did anyone hear something about a nerdy stream?

This year will be huge for us, it’s the start of something really cool within TordFish. 

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